Top 5 Stunning Homemade Face Pack That You can eat

What happen when you can eat your face pack? If these homemade pack are your favorite one foods that you like to eat in summer. So whenever we all talk about skin the first thing comes into our mind is that it should be natural. When you have to select face pack you want something natural and homemade. Because this homemade face pack helps you to get natural glowing skin at home. So do you ever think that there are some face packs which you can apply and eat. So do you want that homemade face pack to eat just take a look down you get your answer.


Stunning Homemade Face Pack That You can eat

Papaya Face Pack

As you all know summer heat is very bad now days it’s too hot. So get ready to care of your skin with some homemade face pack. Let start with papaya face pack which is yummy and we can eat but you can use it for your skin also. So how to make this papaya face pack takes 4 piece of papaya and 1-tablespoon of lemon mesh it up with each other. Your paste is ready and apply this paste directly on to your face with will eat all your tan and you can also eat in summer also because this is benefit for your body. 


Homemade Papaya face Pack

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Oatmeal and Honey Face Scrub Pack

If your face look flabby from several days so there is the time to energize your face with this amazing oatmeal and honey face scrub pack. You have to take oatmeal and honey mixes these two in 2:1 that means take more honey and less oatmeal. Now mixes the mixture of these two and after that applies it on your face. Leave it when it became dry after that you can lick it with your tongue. This two are various health benefits which make your body fit and healthy. 


Oatmeal and Honey Face Pack

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Milk Powder Face Pack

Milk it’s too yummy when you add chocolate in this and which help to increase you immunity. So milk powder is helps you in various ways if you want soft skin then there is nothing better than this milk-powder face pack. So to make a pack take two spoons of milk powder and honey mixed this two and that past you can apply on your face. This face pack helps you to get away from dry skin and make your skin soft. You can use milk powder to top up your salad.


Milk Powder Face Pack

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Sugar and Lemon Face Pack

Now a day’s pollution and sun both are on your head and these two destroy your skin deeply. So for this quick and easy solution that makes your skin looks brighter and helps you out to wash your dirt and oil from your skin pores. The pack which helps your skin is sugar and lemon you have to just mix these two sugars and lemon with small amount of curd. This paste will help to fight against dirt and sun. Sugar shows scrubbing action and helps your skin to look more glowing than ever. You can eat this combination of sweet and sour by just take a pinch on your tongue.


Lemon Sugar Face Scrub Pack

Chocolate Face Pack

Chocolate is most delicious and we all like it very much. So what will happen if you enjoyed it also when applying on your face as a face pack? So let start and make a delicious paste you have to take two table spoon of cocoa powder or dark chocolate and mix it with 5-tablespoon of honey and milk after this mix the mixture well and apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes and after that you can eat this also. So tell me it’s yummy or not?


Homemade Chocolate Face Pack

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