Top 7 Men Relationships Secrets That Every Girl Should Know

In relationship men is also having secret in their heart but they never tell. But there are some sour secrets that every girl should know that what is crawling in men’s heart. You all know men and women they two are different from each other and their love and relationship are differing too. As you all know men never complain he just only takes all the things silently but this doesn’t mean they are happy from inside. Most of men get aggressive or they walk away from their relationship. So in this post what are the expectations that men want from their partners and what are the things that they should know about their men? Girl should think about that and make her men happy in life. So these secrets should change your life and make it healthy.


7 Men Relationships Secrets That Every Girl Should Know

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I am Not Perfect. Accept The Sour Truth!

Everyone thinks that men are more powerful and they are perfect in every field but this is not the real truth. Wife should understand that I am also a human being and one time a take care for my mom and on another time i make you laugh so tell me isn’t it not enough. She has to think about this that i am not going to think about her all the time but i give her my part of my life. So she has to think that i am not perfect but perfect match for her.

Let Your Past Always Be Past

Past always hurts you. So your partner will depress if you carry your past relationship. This will definitely kill the chance of happily married life ever after. The fact is wife is still thinking about the past and this hurt your hubby. So rather than carry your past with you just forget all these just think about your future and how to make your future clean and happy. So this is the secret which your husband never tells you.


Couple Fighting in Relationship

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There is nothing wrong to Be Good Listener

For happily married life the biggest secret to make it happy for long years be a good listener and be patience. Every husband notice that when he talk to her wife she never paying attention what her husband says to her. Wife gets irritated on small things when husband come late home at night after whole day work. So these are the little things that a girl should understand and do what’s right for both partners.

Don’t Compare Your Husband with Other

In married life comparing is not good it spoil your life. As you all know girls look at husband friends and they compare friend with her husband. But this is totally wrong to compare your husband with other this will make your husband feel anger, frustration or shame this will spoil your relationship. So there is something which your men never tell you and this will get bad effect on relationship. So never taunt or making jokes your husband if you want your future happy.


How to Have positive Attitude

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Girl Should Give Some Positive Response

Here in this case there is a big problem whenever your partner give compliment to you never gives positive response. There are some examples when your partner says to you “You are so pretty” then your answer is you making this by your own. There is also another comment that is “Baby you’re getting slim” instead of feel happy your answer is “Just look at me i am getting more weight”. Why you all girls never feel happy when your partner give compliment. All the boys try to make her girl feel more beautiful but she never reacts positive. So your partner want that you feel good with him and your love will go forever.

Girl Should Know That Boys are also sensitive as They Are

Every time men always try to feel the feeling of her wife either he is in mood or not. So it doesn’t mean that we are not having feeling but women doesn’t think about this they only think we are stronger and nothing happen to our heart. If you ever seen when to couple fight with each other her wife show frustration about his mother when men can’t do the same? Men always hide their emotions into their heart because they don’t want to feel other that they are weak. So women should also understand the feeling of men.


Always Be Good Listener

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In Relationship Always Request Rather Than Demand

No one is happy with the person who is demanding always. But all men love their wife too much they always fulfil their demand, even it is unreasonable. They fulfill all but from inside men are not happy from this kind of behavior. Wives always want to become boss of her husband and think they are okay with this. But this is not okay whatever you see is not the truth, men are ignoring all these kind of activities with this they become more demanding. So instead of demanding you sit with your husband and ask her gently for something you want. So tell me who is happy to do something good for someone who is forcing them all the time? So if a woman knows these entire men relationship secret and read her partner mind then your live become much better and happier. For Further discussion you just comment below.


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